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be developed by Touch Pride Pty Ltd, an Australia based company

OnLearny is an online learning platform as a service which successfully inherited advantages of 4.0 era

True classes from your home

At OnLearny, we encourage & provide utilities for trainers to host & organise live materials in their courses. A live material is the combination of:

  • Live stream video for tutorial which trainers embed in our course materials.
  • Our real-time interaction engine during the live stream.

Feel free to discuss study contents with others just like a real class and see your lecture will be adjusted for your needs in no time

Online course are no longer just source of dead materials.
(e.g. recorded video or prepared document with limited communication)

Not many but worthy

Each people probably demand different courses. How to satisfy their needs?

  • Build a huge database of online courses, or
  • Build courses base on needs and trend of their users.

The second approach is exactly what courses on demand network is doing. By getting requests (regardless its expertise and level) from users & visitors, trainers from our growing collaborators will create courses accordingly and the demand has been satisfied.

No redundant contents, confusion or effort wasting.

Wisdom and freedom together

Joining our system is very simple & productive. All you need is to get a free OnLearny account, With a few simple steps, people can freely get their preferred courses or separated material and pay for its access only.

Similarly, all users can freely become a trainers in their own strength without any entrance requirements. As our valuable partners, trainers will earn up to 85% from the sales of their created courses and their performance will be assessed by students.

No complex processes and PAYG scheme for cost-effectiveness.

You skills are proven here

As our courses come from real needs of professional labour market, both training & learning with OnLearny improve your career path greatly by:

  • Completing OnLearny courses from our industrial partners or
  • Sharing your expertise knowledge in your own courses

After that, we're happy to certify your contribution & achievements at OnLearny and strengthen your portfolio. New comers don't need to struggle with blank CVs anymore.

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This online learning model not only provided improvements for current operations of all level academic institutions, but also helped learning on demands among independent users become possible and effective. By granting more flexible choices of study for students, they are able to learn what they want in the way they pleased. Consequently, trainers created more attractive courses and earned more income actively.

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